Even though numbers–particularly big numbers–are bandied about constantly, many of us do not have any way of comprehending what these figures actually mean. We hear about millions of dollars, of people, of hamburgers, everyday, and yet it is doubtful that any of us will ever see one million objects at one time. What does one million look like? How heavy is it? How big is it?

The How Much Project (2003-2018), which explores these questions, is designed to help people visualize and understand the increasingly abstract information that surrounds us. Every fact is a representation, but until facts are translated into everyday realities they are not readily comprehensible. How big is one foot? It is twelve inches, or what is most legible, the fact of someone pointing from here to there. What is a legible fact? And, what is our factual literacy?  Exploring these questions based on data related to a range of social and economic issues, the How Much Project uses technologies to interpret and visualize information in order to consider relationships amongst communication, representation, and social action.


















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